Glittering Bird

Down within my timid self

There hid a glittering bird

A bird whose pulse beat hard and strong

A bird whose heart was not forlorn


One day the bird got through to me

It sent a shocking thought

It said wake up let you be me

Let me be free

Defeat, pain and agony have ultimately led to the joy of self discovery

In the 73rd year of my life, I have finally become the “Glittering Bird.” I am no longer simply trying to comfort the child who lost her mother at three. I hear her, I listen to her but she is no longer running my life. She is part of my whole being but it matters more now to stop looking behind and to take the reins and drive full force ahead. I know in my heart life awaits me with open arms. I am in the driver’s seat, I am in control of my destiny. No one is going to rescue me, pick me up and make everything alright. My defeat, pain and agony have ultimately led to my joy of self discovery. I am who I am because of all that I’ve been through. I am not only “an abandoned little girl” who keeps making mistakes. I am a grown woman living and cherishing the breath of every moment. Everyone in life is capable of doing anything. The secret little trick is getting yourself to believe that. God has given us all the same thing. He has not put us all in the same circumstances but he has given us all the power to find a way within ourselves to be that “Glittering Bird”.

I hope that you will enjoy my writing. I feel that by sharing my experiences it might help others to work through their own. Even if it just inspires one person a day!!🧚‍♀️

- Barbara Soehner


Barbara’s first book “the glittering bird”

released on March 19th, 2019

Barbara Soehner presents her debut collection of poetry, each verse will orchestrate a harmony in your soul. A spiritual experience that waits for you. Let your soul dance to Barbara's exquisite range of emotional poetry.

"Now it's time to share my own life experiences in a form of poetry. I sincerely hope many of you will identify with and find some courage to move forward." - Barbara Soehner


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